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Ultimate reading experience

With LiT, you’ll be able to experience reading in ways that you never have before. Hundreds of novels will be at your fingertips, many of them absolutely free of charge – no subscription, no purchase necessary.

  • Browse hundreds of books, both new and classic releases, and add them to your LiT library.
  • Receive customized suggestions of books that you may enjoy based off of your personal preferences.
  • Follow your favorite authors and receive notifications for exclusive content curated just for you based off the authors that you follow.

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  • Hundreds of Books
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Designed for You
The LiT reading experience is designed with you in mind. Responsive design with rich and bold colors and sharp text makes reading a luxurious and comfortable experience. The reading screen is designed to be very easy on the eyes. Flip pages using a simple swiping motion.
Make your experience personal to your specific needs. Adjust font size, type and colors to fit your unique preferences.
Create your own bookmarks, highlights and notes anywhere in the book for later referencing. Use the swipe function to navigate easily to different sections in the book.
Search Features
Easily search through your personal library or the entire LiT library for specific titles as well as other available novels.

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Premium reading experience

LiT is the primary place to access hundreds of books by your favorite authors. As an exclusive member of LiT, you will be able to experience:

Exclusive Content
Be the first to get unlimited access to some of the most anticipated releases.
Customized Content
Receive novel recommendations tailored to your specific need.
Top-Quality Design
Sit back and enjoy an unique and exquisite reading experience.
05/07 Books

Best books and new releases


by Leo Sullivan

Freddy Thugstin's saga continues from In this Life, the national best selling novel as Life Thugstin meets Hope Evans an eccentric college student, born and raised in Miami's notorious Pork and Beans Projects.

King of the Streets, Queen of His Heart

Porscha Sterling

When 21-year-old college student, Shanecia Jones came home from college, her entire world was turned upside down when she found her mother in the bedroom, nearly dead from a drug overdose. Always eager to be the one to set things right for the people she loved, she decided, against the urgings of her cousin, Maliah, to confront the leader of the new gang in Liberty City who is responsible for serving her mother's addiction. But once she meets Legend, her life really begins to change.

Luvin' a Certified Thug

KC Mills

Canan had been with his girl, Chelsey for two years, and even though everyone in his life knew that Chelsey was no good, Canan wasn’t trying to hear it, until he finally saw her true colors. Canan finally lets Chelsey go and falls for Avery, whose life is just as complicated. Will Canan be able to convince Avery to give him a chance or will his decision to run BCE cause him to miss out on love.

A Woman's Worth

Jahquel J.

Tiffany leaves her abusive baby father, Reshawn, to start a new life in Miami with their daughter. She soon finds out the drama she left in New York doesn't compare to what she’s about to meet in Miami. While trying to juggle a career, motherhood and her dating life, will Tiffany let this break or make her?

Little Miami Girl

Diamond Johnson

Antonia Taylor had been living in hell since day one. At the tender age of six, she lost both of her parents and was forced to move in with her aunt from hell, along with her aunt’s four other children. Antonia is a senior in high school, attending Miami Northwestern. While the other students may be coming to school, sporting new clothes and new shoes, Antonia is always sporting new bruises on her body because at home, she is her aunt’s punching bag, getting whipped for any little thing she does.

Relentless: A Vampire King's Desire

Christine Gray

Grayson had been patiently waiting for this day to come. For the last six years he has hungered for Georgian, the savior of his clan and the woman that would become his Queen.


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“Definitely the best eBook reader”

John Smith

“Definitely the best eBook reader for iPhone and Android, LiT has an incredible interface, is very stable, and shows the books much more clearly than some other readers, making it a wonderful reading experience. It also supports custom ... tags and ratings.

“I love this application!”

Pam Jordan

It is really convenient and easy to use! This is the best e-book app for Android I've tried! I'm very happy with it =)

“My favorite mobile application!”

Jessica Jordan

I’ve dowloaded the LIT app for my phone last week. Now I could say without any doubts that it’s the best book reader I’ve ever used. It is fast, simple and fancy. Reading is my passion and till now LIT is my passion too!

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